If we are going to behave as fishers of men, then we need the courage to go after one and to do that you need to count each lost soul as dear to Jesus Christ. A well-dressed man in a tie was handing out gospel tracts to people. However, while he was handing out tracts, he was talking to one of his friends while he tried to get people to take a booklet. While he was joking around with his buddy, he didn’t even appear to be looking at the people passing by. While I admired his courage for doing this, his heart didn’t seem in it. I wonder if his seeming lack of interest in individuals was getting the good news he was attempting to get out. Please understand our evangelism will only be as effective as the love and respect we have for people. Let me say it a bit stronger than that: Evangelism will have little effect if we don’t love the lost.

To behave as a fisher of men there are two compelling forces that gives you the courage to go after one. They are the “want to” and the “how to”. If you don’t care about rescuing the dying then all the outreach sermons, seminars, evangelism rallies, or this book will not move you to go.